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e-commerce platforms and cutting edge internet solutions.

People in the office. Making customized software.
People in the office, thinks about great ideas and new features.

Flexible solutions.

We create dedicated ecommerce platforms that connect shopping sites with business logic guaranteeing the efficient fulfillment of orders.

We implement the software necessary for integrating sales channels, logistics and payment systems.

We provide flexible solutions and respond quickly to the changing needs of our clients.


and experience.

We understand business and can adapt to the expectations of the most demanding customers.

That's why we have 711 platforms deployed in 9 countries. The success of our customers is built every day by more than 12 years of experience and over 100 e-commerce specialists.

Team planning how to do their best, to deploy best e-commerce platforms
Our team have fun when work for you!

The best specialists
in the industry.

Our team contains the best specialists in the industry. We are actively involved with their continued development by providing training, maintaining their work-life balance and creating a friendly working atmosphere.

When working on projects, we use agile methodologies. The most important goal is to work with our clients on processes and tools, respond to changes outside of the plan and compliment the software with extensive documentation.

The one e-commerce platform for all your needs.

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You have access to a dedicated content management system perfectly suited to your business needs!

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You can create your own order processing model in an easy and simple way.

Marketing icon


You have access to a range of tools that allow You to manage (your) marketing campaigns more effectively!

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We fully understand your requirements. Therefore we tailor all of our services perfectly to your needs!

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Client (CEM)

You can build positive experiences with your clients and provide personalized content.

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You can monitor the overall information flow from the micro and macro business environment of your company on an ongoing basis!

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You can manage all of your products and everything related to their composition.

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Our specialists create an ideal personalized graphical experience for you!

How we engineer.

We provide timeless ideas and global solutions based on our prototype ENP shop.

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1. Idea

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2. Analysis

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3. Knowledge

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4. Technology

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5. Creation

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6. Result

Join our team!

We are looking for open-minded and positive team players:

Frontend Developer

(ES6, TypeScript 4.9.X, Vue.js 2.7, Vue.js 3, Airbnb JavaScript, HTML5, Twig, CSS3, Grid, FlexBox, Webpack, CI/CD, Node.js, Docker, Jest, GIT)

PHP Developer

(7.4/PHP 8.X i Symfony 4.4/5.4., Redis, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, MySQL, Varnish, Docker, GraphQL, REST API, Blackfire, PhpStorm)

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Recruitment brochure - Technical
Recruitment brochure - Business

If you want to learn from the best and share your knowledge and experience with others please contact us via

Hope to see you soon!

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We are an open company

Team during brainstorming. Work that makes everything happy.
Contact us or visit us in our office.

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phone: + 48 32 253 03 09


40-858 Katowice, Bracka 28a

District Court Katowice
VIII Economic Department KRS No. 0000234157
NIP: 6342567457, REGON:240075199

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